Diplomatic and Official Visa

The following documents will be required for diplomatic/official visa:

  • Note Verbal or official letter from the concerned Government/ Embassy/ Office/ Organization;
  • Note Verbal from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is required for the Exemption of the Visa fees for the official visits.
  • 2 (two) recent color photographs (2 inches size and a stamp size 2 cm. x 2 cm.) with white background.
  • Copy of valid Thai Visa, copy of Thai work permit and stay permit ( For third county citizens)
  • A copy of the hotel reservation.
  • A copy of the air ticket.
  • Copy of the previous visa (if any).
  • A valid passport with 06 (six) months validity.
  • Visa will be given only on the Official Passport.
  • An authorization letter, in case the applicant is unable to submit it in person.