General Instructions for Visa

To apply for a Bangladesh visa, applications must be submitted to the Embassy in a prescribed visa application form using the following online link. The documents to be submitted with the printed visa application form would depend on the type of visa being applied for.

Requirements for Visa:

1. Duly filled-in the visa online at and bring a printed copy with signatrue of the online filled-up form to the Embassy when applying for VISA.

 2. Applicants other than Thai Nationals must have work pemit / long term extened stay permit in Thailand.

3. Two copies of white background photographs ( 45mm X 35mm) glue with the Form top of the applications) taken in the last six months.

3. Passport, valid for at least six months.

4. Applicable visa fees (visa fee will be received by using a credit or debit card while submitting the application at the Embassy).

5. Submit a copy of the previous Visa (if any).


Processing time:  In general, the VISA processing is at least  05 (Five) Working days after Submitting the Application for Visa.

For Journalist Visa, applicants will also need to submit duly filled in FF-I and FF-II forms along with the visa application form. Processing time for a journalist visa is 21 working days from the date of submission.

* Mission receives fees in equivalent Thai Baht only. Method of payment of visa fees by using a credit or debit card or bank.

Applications submission time:   (09:30  am to 12:00 pm) every working day from Monday to Friday.

                   Delivery time:   3.30 pm-4.30 pm (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday).


  • Consular officer may ask for additional documents if required.
  • Application for extension of visa should be submitted before the expiration of the existing visa. Penalty for over-stay will be imposed if application for extension of visa is submitted after the date of expiry of the visa.
  • Visa category cannot be changed after entering into Bangladesh.

Extension of Visas:

Visas can be extended after arrival in Bangladesh. For details, please contact the Department of Immigration & Passports, Dhaka.

Visa Policy of Bangladesh:

The Visa Policy of Bangladesh may be found here.