Journalist Visa

Journalists of newspapers / magazines /TV or radio networks / news agencies /representatives of print, electronic or satellite media / freelance journalists would be eligible for journalist visa for the purpose of professional duty in Bangladesh. The following documents will be required for a journalist visa:

  • A support letter from his/her organization describing the purpose of his/her visit;
  • Duly filled in FF-I and FF-II forms; 
  • Two copies of 45mm X 35mm photographs
  • Passport copies (the main picture page and valid Thai visa page)
  • One set of a copy of a Thai work permit.
  • A copy of the press identity card
  • A recommendation letter from organization/ News angency in Thailand, providing necessary information such as the correspondent details, what subject will be recovered in Bangladesh and the equipment/kits for example: camera to carry for journalist purpose.
    • For Shooting in Bangladesh to produce TV / Video Film / Documentary by Foreign Network / Organization / Media House need this application form duly filled.