Diplomatic and Official Visa

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The following documents will be required for a diplomatic/official visa:

01.  Note Verbal or official letter from the concerned Government/ Embassy/ Office/ Organization;

02.  Note Verbal from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is required for the Exemption of the Visa fees for the official visits.

03.  2 (two) recent color photographs (2 inches size and a stamp size 2 cm. x 2 cm.) with white background.

04.  Copy of valid Thai Visa, copy of Thai work permit and stay permit ( For third county citizens)

05.  A copy of the hotel reservation.

06.  A copy of the air ticket.

07.  Copy of the previous visa (if any).

08.  A valid passport with 06 (six) months validity.

09.  Visa will be given only on the Official Passport.

10.  An authorization letter, in case the applicant is unable to submit it in person.